Combined Liabilities Insurance

At Shire Insurance, we believe that having the correct indemnity limit for Employer Liability, Public Liability and Product Liability is essential to the future well being of a company.

As changes in the legal profession have led to serious increases in third party legislation, whether it is workplace or public places driven, so has the need for an immediate insurance response.

The growth of no win no fee and after the event insurance activity in legal circles has created a minefield for insurers in defending (often) spurious legal liability actions.

Shire Insurance offers support and advice at the outset as to the correct indemnity level. We take great care to examine the policy wording a client
will need.

Public Liability in particular, poses a serious risk for which the policy wording certainty is essential. Is it property based or activity based? Are there exports abroad? Does the client handle goods? Is product recall a concern?

Knowing the client is everything. Knowing the risk is everything else.

Shire Insurance is here to give you peace of mind in the choices it offers.

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