Contractors Insurance

'Do you have your own insurance?' you ask the contractor.
'Yes I have' they tend to reply.
And that is often the end of the matter.

But if they are working on your property, your home, office or factory, do they really have adequate cover if they remove a support wall or worse still, set fire to it?

What happens if their workmanship is shoddy?

In fairness, many contractors make it an essential duty to provide adequate insurance. The contracting clients of Shire Insurance are repeatedly pressed on indemnity limits, contract values and working practices. But, Contractors Indemnity is not cheap and as we know only too well, when the claim comes the cost is often prohibitive.

There is a phrase in Insurance called ‘moral hazard’, which relates to the trustworthiness of the insured. Our experience is that moral hazard is tested on both ends of a contract. The blurring of lines on contract specification are miraculously unblurred by strict negligence and the apportionment of blame.

We take our clients seriously and the business we write even more so. Our approach to contract insurance is painstaking and cautious. When you have a contract and speak to us, you will know why.

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