The individual insurance market is now the most volatile of the UK insurance sectors. Motor insurance rates have been increasing by large margins in the last twelve months and the household market is heading in the same direction.

The reason for such volatility is due to the impact of the direct writers who have built huge databases (underwritten at large losses) to sell to other providers for varying sales reasons.

The role of the traditional broker has been significantly undermined in the aforementioned markets. However, Shire Insurance believes that the independent broker has a vital role to play whether dealing with the directors of a company it insures or with the policy buying public at large.

Our own home insurance contracts are a case in point. We have high net worth cover available for owners of substantial properties (second homes or overseas properties) and medium net worth for the layer beneath that.

In addition, we provide a range of personal insurance contracts including, private car insurance, household insurance, travel insurance, personal accident insurance, sickness and personal liability and pet insurance.

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