Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

Corporate manslaughter claims have become commonplace in the courts in the last decade as the UK culture continues to look for someone to blame.

Was it your fault that the management controls were weak and that someone was severely injured or died on your watch?

The ambulance chasing machine is ready to apportion responsibility on behalf of its client and your company may be in the firing line for the omission of an action of which you were not even aware.


Welcome to the world of D&O. The consolation? Claim numbers are still tiny in comparison to other insurance sectors and premiums are still respectable.

Perhaps the key factor is that if your company has D&O then the early approaches from would be claimants are taken out of your hands and with professional defence quite often lose steam.

D&O is essential today as part of a package with commercial legal expenses and professional indemnity.

We have expertise in this area and are happy to impart it.

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