Motor Fleet Insurance

At a time of sharply rising private car insurance rates, it is pleasing to report that fleet premiums still remain competitive.

A number of small fleet policies
(5-12 vehicles) reduced significantly a generation ago as the government sought to reclassify company vehicles as a benefit in kind. This is a position which may be reversed. Small fleet policies are rated by fleet discount whereas large fleet policies
(13 vehicles and above) are
rated per vehicle.

In both cases the outcome and responsibility for claims are dealt with as claims made with fault being (for the most part) irrelevant. Key providers for fleet insurance tend to come in and out of the market and the pivotal role of the broker is to spot the coming market as quickly as possible.

Motor insurance claims are known to be the most emotive of all claims and with the rise of uninsured loss recovery specialists, the market has filled with players who have a conflict of interest over third party claims costs.

Shire Insurance offer simple and effective claims solutions.

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