What We Insure

> Ambulances and made to measure vehicles
> Building contractors and tradesmen
> Combined harvesters and seasonal workers
> Dead stock and livestock
> Equity Shares and loan notes
> Financial Software in office, homes and cars
> Ground workers and aerial erectors
> Horses, pigs, cows and dangerous wildlife
> Inspection of lifts and medical equipment
> Joggers, runners and hikers
> Kayaks, ocean liners and cigarettes
> Lithes, machine presses and woodworkers
> Mountain climbers and deep sea divers
> Nightclubs and tea shops
> Overseas properties; flats, villas and businesses
> Products Liability and professional indemnity
> Quoted companies and individuals
> Restaurants and cafes
> Scaffolders and polishers
> Trade waste and product disposal
> Underground excavators and pipe workers
> Vans and private vehicles
> Wholesalers, retailers and intermediaries
> X-ray equipment and lifting tackle
> Young drivers and old age pensioners
> Zoos, pet shops and vets

If it's in the alphabet, we cover it.

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